Sunday, July 26, 2009

some random things

* Why is that on a road trip you are drawn to the Country and Top 40 stations. It's not just me right, this is a thing.
* Lamar Odom going to Miami might be worse news then losing my job. I think I might be taking that harder. That's not weird at all I don't think.
* The combinations of off ramps and side streets that passes for Interstate 35 W in Minneapolis is insane. The lines run right into walls and I think at one point you go through a lake. Not sure how this ever going to be a drivable road but I am pulling for them.
* I kinda love going to minor league sporting events. We saw the St. Paul Saints play and they had a coupon for free food for everyone in the stands if this one opposing player struck out. The whole crows counted down the strikes and cheered like crazy when he wiffed on strike three. He about threw his bat in the crowd but kept it together.
* If you need a little time from kids the $1.00 popcorn and two bags buys you some free time at Target, even if you don't need to buy anything. Your Welcome.
* Finn can rapid fire questions like it's the lightening round of Jeopardy and it always ends with me calling timeout. Sometimes I last 20 minutes sometimes only 5 but it always ends the same.

aunt meg, queen of the stickers

We have been having a great time with Meg and Mike and baby Milo. Yesterday we went to Farmer's market and had some mini donuts and polish sausage and went to a St. Paul Saints game where we tailgated before the game. We have been treated to a really great time so far in the twin cities and we still have more to come.

head and belly baby nose, baby nose

Henry has been talking a bunch lately though this video doesn't show that much. It does show how freaking cute he is so enjoy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

lake meltdown

Thursday we went for a walk around Lake Callhoun in Minneapolis. It was pretty warm out and the boys both melted down hard core after we ate our packed lunch. It was really beautiful around the lake before all of the screaming started. We drove home with Finn telling us he wasn't tired before falling forward asleep on his knees and Henry holding my hand to his face to keep from sobbing. Good times.

you spin right around....

Finn got to ride on a bunch of rides at Mall or America but probably the
best one was the bumper cars. Here he is trying to get the hang of it. He
eventually got it bit it was pretty funny watching him learn.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spokane, WA

We stopped in Spokane WA for some time out of the car and found a great water front park. The boys cooled off in a great fountain and in this video right at the beginning Henry takes a blast of water to the face. The kid on the rock puts his foot over the stream and it nails Henry, knocking him down. He couldn't have been more excited by it though.

Road Trip

After a great week with friends we loaded up the car for an epic road trip. We are going to Minnesota to meet our nephew Milo, then on to Indiana to get our house issue straight and see a lot of friends and family. We set out Sunday morning at about 9 AM after dropping Jesse, Carly, and Ian at the airport for their Euro Trip. They always have to one up us. The trip out here to Minn. was surprisingly easy. We stopped every 2-3 hours and the boys got to watch a bunch of movies on the way. The first night we stopped in Bozeman MT and Finn was with me in one Queen sized bed and Henry was with Beautiful in the other. The second night we stopped in Fargo ND and we all piled in a King Size bed. We made it to Bloomington MN at about 2 PM just in time to see Grammie for an hour before she had to head back to Indy. We will see here again soon after one more day of driving, I hope the boys still have the good travel vibes going later this week when we head out.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

our own island in a storm

After getting some terrible news earlier this week, I lost my job, we got to head out to Vashon Island in the Puget Sound for the Fourth of July weekend. It is an extravagant house right on the water where there will be a barge shooting off fireworks about 300 yards away. Finn is with Grandma and Papa for the Parade in Clatskanie with Touch a truck day coming tomorrow. We are each enjoying a nice weekend after a bit of a stressful week. I'm not sure that Finn has been that stressed but he knows that things are different. We have talked for a while about Kate and I trading off who was working out side the house and who was raising the boys and we have been talking about that a bit recently without knowing how we were going to manage the switch. As tough as this recent news is it has facilitated that switch for us. Right now Kate is in job search mode full time and I am in full time At home Dad mode. As most of you know that is the only job I really want so I am pretty excited. Kate is excited as well but also feels the weight of the world on her shoulders now. There will be plenty of time for stress and worry but this weekend we will live in the moment and enjoy the luxurious surroundings.