Monday, July 12, 2010

Dancing on the Fourth of July

The boys Dancing on the Fourth from Portland Dad on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Toby crawls

Tobias is crawling!! from Kendra Rohl on Vimeo.

More Toby goodness. What would you do for an iphone? Toby will crawl for one and give his mommy some serious joy. I was cracking up at how excited Kendra was in this video.

Tobias and the wrestling puppies

Tobias loves to laugh from Kendra Rohl on Vimeo.

Check out Toby Laughing and read my Mother's day post over at Stay at home dad portland for Kendra.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Friday, April 09, 2010

About 3 pounds of hair gone

I set out to lose a certain amount of weight before cutting my beard, and then I decided that it would be when I finished a certain task and then it just had to wait until Jen and Ben arrived. Well Jen and Ben are here, so it was time. After growing out my beard for real starting in September I have trimmed it down to just a slight dusting instead of the full on homeless beggar beard. It feels good and a lot sad to see it go but it was time. What do you think?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Less here but more over there

You may have noticed that the posts on this blog have been a bit sparse lately. If so you are very astute, if not then carry on as usual there is nothing to see here. I have been doing a lot more writing at a new website that I have created called Stay At Home Dad Portland. This new website is a blog that is targeted to the folks that dig the daddy bloggers scene and who are interested in hearing tales of parenting from a dads point of view, in this case me. It has been more and more successful with comments on nearly every post and more readers each day. The content is still about Finn, Henry, Ian, Beautiful, and I but it is little more anonymous. Written for bigger audience than this blog was meant to reach. I will still be posting here with videos, pictures, and other stuff but it will continue to be sparse for a while. Please come over to to check out the new site if you are interested in getting more frequent posts. Thank you all so much for continuing to support my narcissistic need to be heard and if you just want videos of the boys without reading all that other stuff that's alright too. Again thanks

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Learning Chopsticks

Our exchange student made dinner for us last night and then tried to teach Finn to use chopsticks

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rocking the papa shirt and slip slops

Here is the video where Finn explains his choice.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Want my job? this could be you

It has been a rough morning here in sunny Portland because the boys woke up too early. Henry is well entrenched in his terrible two mode and every toy on the planet is his. Finn was playing with a stroller left discarded for while and Henry caught sight and pitched a fit. Enjoy Finn playing keep away as any loving brother would.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a puffy vest no pants day

It's a puffy vest no pants day, originally uploaded by gylcol.

Sometimes you have one of those days where pants are optional but a puffy vest is called for. Finn had one of those days last week and it was a magical time for him. He wouldn't take the vest off and had no need for pants.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

in the news but not for reasons that rohl's are normally in the news

We were on the news this past Friday, part of a story on the growing numbers of stay at home dads. See if you can find us.

Monday, February 08, 2010

happy birthday henry ellis

Henry turned two this weekend and you missed it. Well maybe you didn't miss it but I did. He was spending the weekend with Grandma and Papa while Mommy and Daddy got there drink on and watched the Lakers kick the ______ out of the local, lovable Blazers. Not sure if this will stick with him but it is good that he learns early what basketball means to daddy. I mean the kid will be two for a whole year but seeing this game is once a year chance. That is all a load of crap cause we had to leave right from the game to go see Henry on his birthday. We left at about 9:30 to make the hour drive, get the little man out of his bead and snuggle with him. We brought him to bed with us and paid for missing the party by having him kick us in the back all night long. Payback feels like a ball pin hammer to the lower back but it was great to have him close. Happy birthday Henry, you are super cute and have a terrible scream that you rely on way to much and I love you madly.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

You want more videos? well here you go

Saturday, January 30, 2010

a young bad blake

Another video for you not because you asked but because I know what you want. My favorite part has to be when he says good night to the beer. That's my boy!

Friday, January 29, 2010

giraffes giraffes giraffes

Finn has been getting back into his guitar but his song writing has taken a bit of a hit. Not sure if he has writers block or if he's just running up against the limitations of his 3 year old vocabulary. We went to the zoo on Wednesday and he composed a little dity about it above. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

adding to the art

adding to the art, originally uploaded by gylcol.
While cooking dinner the other night the boys were finger painting. You can read about the fiasco here, but here is the result of their creativity

Friday, January 22, 2010

henry wanted to say hello

seriously done sleeping

Henry had a long nap in the morning yesterday so when it came time for the afternoon nap he didn't seem to think it was necessary. At first he just played in his crib with his RV and bull dozer. A bit later I heard books dropping between crib and wall followed by Henry voicing his displeasure with being in bed. He got louder and more forceful unitl finally he was yelling "I sleep ALL DAY!" "DADDY, I sleep ALL DAY!" We had to go in and get him at that point, he was just too cute.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

just when we thought we were out ...

It was a beautiful day in Portland with blue skies and a warm sun on short sleeved arms. The boys played outside for most of the day and I got out and trimmed the rose bushes and raked up the left over leaves and blown down branches from weeks of wind and rain. It was so nice out today that we made fish tacos and citrus salsa like it was summer. If only we weren't out of tequila we would have had some margaritas with our summer meal. The nice day outside helped the growing panic on the inside after hearing last night that our house in Indiana is listed on the tax sale because of unpaid back property taxes. We thought it was a mistake since our mortgage just went up due to an escrow payment that was meant to be for back taxes but instead went to home insurance. Our mortgage company didn't have our new policy after we changed insurance companies so they found their own and added it to our bill. A long day of phone calls and I think we are all straightened out now but the sunny gardening kept me from throwing up from the panic attack. Ironically the night before Beautiful and I were talking about how for once in our mariage we had all the bills and spinning plates under control. That feeling lasted all of 6 hours before reality came crashing down on us. There is always something we are missing.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

beard hunter

One morning last week Beautiful and I were wanting to sleep longer but the boys had a dissenting view. They jumped in our bed and crawled over us as we tried in vain to find some peace and slumber. Soon Henry had the blankets off the bed and was blowing rasberries on all or our bellies. When he got to me he pulled up my shirt and started to place his slobbery, snot ridden face to my belly and then stopped short and examined my belly button. He then looked up at us confused and said "Daddy has belly button beard?" I was awake now after the belly laugh, and Henry started looking for a belly button beard on everyone else. "Finny have belly button beard? noooooooo!" "Mommy have belly button? noooooo!" So next time you see Henry don't be surprised if he lifts up your shirt to check your belly button for a beard.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

dads at the zoo on channel 2

This past Wednesday the boys and I braved the rain to meet up with some other dads at the zoo. KATU news was there to interview some of the dads for a piece on a growing trend of SAHD in portland. The group I'm part of is a yahoo group where dad's post events that they are doing for others to join in on. They are mostly hikes that are a bit tough with the three boys but every once in a while there are the meet ups at Posies for music time or this event at the zoo. I wasn't interviewed on camera but the boys were filmed a lot for the B roll, that's my shot at using news lingo, so tune in February 5 @ 6 PM Channel 2 in portland to see if we made it into the story.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

questioning the street

This morning while watching a dream sequence on Sesame Street involving Bert and Ernie where Ernie was on a flying and galloping bed that went through the clouds as the clouds came to life Finn turns to beautiful and asks "mommy, how does the rubber duck stay on the bed?" He doesn't have an issue with a bed that comes to life, runs and flies through the clouds that then too come to life and chase the bed. That seems perfectly reasonable to him but with all that craziness there is no way that rubber duck stays perched on the head board, that's just crazy talk.

Monday, January 11, 2010

in search of cheese

We went out to dinner with Beautiful's parents while they were here and we went to one of Beautiful's favorite places The Farm. The food was great and company was even better as we had some great conversations with Tom and Kris. We had some local cheese as an appetizer and that got Beautiful and I into trying some more cheese on our own. We went to New Season's on Interstate and lingered over the cheese display for a good deal of time. Where do we start? We can't remember the name of any of the cheese we had that night so we just decided to pick one type of cheese, in the case Blue cheese, and get two varieties. We grabbed a local cheese and one from Newton Iowa called Maytag Blue. Beautiful's Aunt lives in Newton so that seemed like a great pick. We went home and had a little of our new cheese tasting the two and talking a bit about it. I know it comes off as a bit pretentious but it was a good time and felt like a treat. We spent less then $6 and had an experience that seemed much richer. When our friends visited from Montana we gave them a sample and got their thoughts on the two. We all seemed to like the strong flavor of the Maytag blue but the local one was smoother and you could eat more of it. We are going to go back to New Seasons tonight but now we are armed with two books to help us decide what we will sample this week. Both from the library we checked out Artisan Cheese Of The Pacific Northwest to get the local flavors and Cheese: A Visual Guide to 400 Cheeses to get a better understanding of the types, flavors, and ways the different cheese are made. If you know of any cheese we should try or if you have a favorite leave a comment and let me know.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

rain beats lakers

I am not sure the Lakers have ever won a game in the city that I am living in, while I live there. I went to two Laker games in Indiana where the Lakers got rolled by terrible Pacer teams and now in the time I lived in Portland the Lakers look terrible when ever they come here. I don't know if it's the rain, if it's the manic fans, or if there is some sort of curse but it's getting old. How can this team dominate the rest of the league and not win in Portland? I'm hoping that when I read The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons as soon as Kyle sends it to me I will learn the answer. I'm sure in that 700 page monstrosity there has to be something on the Lakers atrocious showing in the Rose City

Thursday, January 07, 2010

talking about the singer

Our good friends our in town from Montana and we took them to see Music time at Posie's Cafe in the Kenton neighborhood. The place was packed and it seems this hidden gem we had been enjoying is not so hidden anymore. As I have said before Finn loves music time and today after it was all done he went up to Mr. Ben to tell him thank you for the great show and he asked if he could talk into the singer. Mr. Ben wasn't sure what he was talking about and looked to Beautiful for some help but she didn't know either. "Can I talk in the singer?" he asked again this time pointing at the microphone stand. "Oh, the singer! No the microphone got put away but next time come up right when we are done and you can talk into the microphone then." Finn smiled and said "Oh I see, Microphone not singer. Thank you for the good show Mr. Ben! See you next time." If you live in the portland area and have kids them keep Mr. Ben in mind for your birthday parties or board meetings. If you need a reference Finn will be happy to get his guitar out and play you some of his favorite Mr. Ben songs

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

strolling the stacks

Last night Beautiful and I went to the bookstore just to get out after putting the boys down. That is a huge benefit to living with others that we are lucky to take advantage of. We wandered isles and talked about covers making a slow meandering track through the colored rooms and multiple levels of Powell's. It was a wonderful treat that would have been made only slightly better by having any money to buy books. I say slightly better because the joy of wandering the book store, and especially Powell's is a real treat for Beautiful and I. We have that in common, that love of books and the conversations that this book or that one will bring up. There was a section of books in the lower room that had a connection with Northwest in some way and in that section was a book that I knew Beautiful would love. I pointed it out and she gave a passing glance and said "yeah nice." But she wasn't looking, if she were really looking, if she really saw the book she would take it from me and start to covet. The book was the one above, a cookbook from Mother's Bistro in Old Town Portland. This is Beautiful's favorite place to eat, where she takes visting friends to convince them to move here. The restaurant is her to a T from the decoration to the menu and the book I held in my hands was that entire experience with a sturdy binding. She finally saw, and snatched the book from my hand. She fingered through the toille pages and hearty comfort food recipes and she loved that book. We put it back on the shelf and continued our stroll talking about birthday presents and putting money aside for books. A cheap date, but I think we both had a great time.

P.S. If anyone needs an idea for a gift for Beautiful Click on the picture above.

The puddle dancers