Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sleepy shopper

This past Saturday Kate and I toured small fraction of the many many apartment complexes in the greater Beaverton area. We looked long and hard at a place in the city but could not find a 2 bedroom place in our price range within easy access to the max. It was a tough decision but off to the suburbs we went in search of a place for right now while we looked for the future. Through out the process we were in and out of the car, pulling Finn out of his seat and strapping him back in. Me entertaining him while Kate talked with the property managers, and trying to keep him happy and fed so we could see as many as possible and I have to say we have a great kid. He flirted with all the people that gave us the tours and looked with surprise at large closets or open kitchens. He would point and strain to see around corners and clap when we came into new rooms. He was picking up on our cues as we responded to different places and was mimicking us. It was too cute. After we toured about 8 places Finn hit a wall but instead of throwing a fit he just quietly fell asleep in his car seat as we drove the 2 miles to the next apartment. We decided to call off the search and go get some food, giving Finn some time to sleep. When we got to the Deli I grabbed Finn without him waking up. I carried him around a bit waiting for him to wake up but he never did. At the deli I laid him on the booth seat and he continued to sleep while we ate. I think we found the place we are going to live and through the whole process our boy was fantastic.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Consuming an empty mind

I have a hour and a half commute to and from work each morning that gives me a lot of time to think. I have been able to fill some of that time with a Book on tape and a number of podcasts but yesterday I was left with a dead iPod and no book. Left to my own mind I was think of how to compare stats in an upcoming match-up I had with my friend Adam in our Fantasy Basketball league. (Here is about the place 98% of the reader tune out I know but for the other 3 people I will continue) I wanted to see if I could project the stats that we would get based on the averages from last year plus my own little adjustment. Taking into account lineup changes, injuries, playing time and all that. I was thinking about this and going over it in my head the entire way home and talked at length about it with Kate when I arrived. She nodded and smiled, pretending she cared but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had a hard time falling asleep and woke up with the scenarios still on my mind. This morning when I came into work I got started plotting out my projections during training classes at work. Since we were covering accounting stuff it looked like I was furiously taking notes and balancing ledgers when in fact I was trying to work on a deprecation curve for Quentin Richardson's stats now the Zach Randolph has joined the fold. After working on it for 4 hours this morning I have what I think is a pretty good projection for this week and a load off of my mind for at least the next 4 days.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jobs abound

Well I finished my first week of work in over a year. Last Friday morning I got an offer from a software company in Beaverton to start work on Monday. It is a pretty great company with a strong product and the real beauty of the situation is the benefits. That I get them is no big deal but that they start Nov. 1 is huge. Most companies have a 3 to 6 month period before benefits start, at least they do at the pay-grade I operate at, but this one starts much sooner. That allowed us to set up an appointment with a Dr. and get a much needed ultra sound scheduled, in the end we were looked after better then we could have thought to pray for. It seems that is often the way God works in our life. He knows a bit more then we do and just wants a little participation on our end. Anyway I have been commuting for the last week, up at 4:45 AM and out the door at 5:20 AM only to be back home at about 5:30 PM. I have a 7-4 schedule right now that will change once training is finished. I will then have the 8-5 shift that will hopefully be aided by closer living and ample public transportation. We are looking for apartments in an area that is one train and one short bus trip away from work. I am looking forward to that time though I am not burnt out where I am at yet.

Kate is doing well readjusting to being at home with Finn and without me. What seemed like a long vacation is now transforming back into life with all the regular joys and trials. Kate has started a job of her own today in Portland. She is working part time at Anthroplogie for sanity and friendship. She is much too social to have only one person to talk to and the company is one that she has loved from afar and wants to see if it holds up when she peeks behind the veil.

Finn has had some interaction with other kids his age and has been found a solid sharer. He plays well with others and is adorable to more then just his relatives. Him and I went to church while Kate worked this morning and he was the only kid in his Wobbler class. There were 5 volunteers in the class and they went on and on about what a great, beautiful, funny, adorable, emotive kid he was. He smiled at me with a conspiratorial as they all told me how great he was. He is a charmer for sure.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

We really need to find some other kids

Lately Finn has been spending a lot of time in the house since the rains have come a bit early to the Northwest. All that inside time has been spent with my parents new Boxer Harper. Harper is a one year old female that my parents adopted after they lost their dog Scout. Two one year olds in the house makes for some fun and frustrating times as Harper and Finn start to take on the characteristics of the other. The most notable characteristic that Finn has taken on is carrying everything around in his mouth. This is the way the dog does it so for him it makes complete sense. He can still crawl around where ever he needs to go with his favorite toy safely tucked away in his teeth. I think we really need to find some other kids soon before Finn starts sniffing rear ends and humping peoples legs when they come over.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The fall air

I'm not going to lie to you yesterday was a tough day for me. I was pouty and overwhelmed by not getting a job yet after being here for over a month. These things take time I know but time has passed, we have experienced time, now I want these things to happen. Well anyway that is how I felt yesterday, today I feel better and OK with the time issue. I guess there are going to be tough days and hopeful days in any situations you face, but feeling responsible for Kate, Finn, and baby to be named later makes tough days really heavy.

Today we are cruisin around Longview checking out garage sales with a sleeping baby in the back. My dad found a free crib on Craigslist that we picked up just before someone else showed up to get it. Nothing like a little competition to get the blood going. It is a great cold and misty fall day with leaves blowing in the wind and scarfs wrapped tightly around necks. For some reason fall has hope in the air, it was fall three years ago when we got married and went to Vermont for our honeymoon. That was a real hopeful time.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Some bad news and some other news

I got an email yesterday from a company that I had three interviews with that told me they were going in another direction. I thought that I had the job and was really disappointed when I found out I didn't. I'm kinda down after that but I kept at the resumes and contacts to find some more opportunities. I am not sure where the job is going to come from but I really wish it would happen soon.

We finally got our car back from the shop after another two broken bolts and cracked pulley. We went in Tuesday to get it and waited around for two hours while the mechanics tried to finish up. The broke the pulley at 8 PM and the 12 year old yelled out a string of swears that would make a sailor blush. They got it figured out and we picked the car up late Wednesday night. Not having a car for the last couple of days and not getting a job I was hopeful about have left me a little less hopeful but today we went into Portland and my son fell asleep in the car with his fist balled up and his little feet crossed and I didn't feel so bad anymore.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lazy Tuesday

While waiting for our car to be fixed and word from some promising interviews Finn and I had nap is Stumptown.

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Sunday at Sears

The rain is here and with it comes a little misfortune. Yesterday started nice enough with both Kate and sleeping in to unheard of times with a little one in the house. I got up first and got right into a football game, gotta love the West coast and the 10 AM start times, and Kate got up an hour later. We had some breakfast and after Finn woke up from his morning nap we headed out to Longview to get a birthday present for Finn's cousin Ethan.

Longview is where you go to get things like that and when you go to purchase it they ask you if your from Oregon or Washington because in Oregon there isn't a sales tax. Unfortunately our Indiana ID means we are paying the tax. Anyway as we are pulling into the parking lot of Target there is a great whistling noise under our hood then no more whistling and all the idiot lights come on in the dashboard. I looked under the hood and saw that one of the belts was loose, it was really broken but I didn't know that yet. We called my dad to find a place to take in the car at 1 PM on Sunday and Sears was our answer. It was on the other side of the mall we were already at so after getting the birthday present we drove the car over to the shop.

Trevor the 18 year old mechanic on duty took a look and saw that the belt was broken and said it would be an easy enough fix. He went to pick up a new belt from the auto parts store, stopped off a Mcy D's for a late lunch and came back to set about putting the new belt on. We sat in the Sears waiting room, Finn pushing his new car around the floor and telling everyone that came by that he in fact had a "Caaaahhhhhwwwww" in a voice much deeper and louder then you would expect from a arian baby of his size. Kate looked around at the sales and I read a month old NewsWeek magazine keeping an eye on Finn. Trevor, the 17 year old mechanic, came in to say that a bolt head broke off while he was trying to loosen it so he would need to bore the bolt out and it will take a little longer.

Kate was back from her shopping boasting of 90% off sale price finds that might not fit now but will be great after the baby and I asked her if she was hungry. At that Finn looks up from his caaahhhwww and starts pointing at his mouth. For emphasis he removes his plug and adds a grunting noise to the mix. Off we went to the food court for some over priced mall treats thinking that we would get a call any minute telling us the car was done. After an hour long lunch break we went back to Sears to hear that the bolt was out, the belt was on, and there was just some tightening to do.

Trevor, our 16 year old mechanic told us the car was ready and the news came none too soon. Finn was exploring the space with is high pitched scream and both Kate and I were tired of carrying him around. As a side note there should be a stroller in the trunk of the car always, always, always. We loaded up into the car and started it up to a screaching sound as smoke poured out from under the hood. Now my one semester of Auto in high school tells me that the smoke is clearly supposed to stay under the hood and if it comes out something is wrong. We popped the hood and sat and waited as Trevor, our 15 year old mechanic, tinkered away.

After about 30 minutes he told us we needed a new bolt because the one he used to replace the broken one was not holding. He was off to Home Depot to get a new bolt and we finally called Bing to come get Kate and Finn. It has now been 5 hours at the mall and Finn is getting delirious. I sat back down with my old Newsweek and did some more waiting while Trevor worked away. he got the new bolt, tightened everything up but found that the Power Steering belt was loose and would need to be replaced. That's fine I will do that myself on Monday just let me go home. I got back int he car, started it up to the terrible screeching and massive smoke coming out and then shut it down again. When we opened the hood the new belt had shredded and the Alternator had seized. The car was not going anywhere tonight and Trevor, our 14 year old mechanic, was near tears.

We pushed the car into the garage and they shut everything up now two hours after their regular closing time. I called my dad to come and get me as I waited out in the cold wet night shivering with my light sweater. A $20 belt has balloned into $200 alternator and the labor has gone way up. We should have just stayed home and given Ethan my iPod for the money that we will end up paying. The truth is the alternator was the problem from the get go but it just wasn't checked. My dad says a more seasoned mechanic would have looked at that right away and saved us the time of sitting around Sears all Sunday afternoon but Trevor was only 12 so he didn't know enough to check it.

It was a frustrating day but also really funny and great at the same time. Kate and I had a great time with eachother and Finn is fantastic in situations like that. He screeched some times but for not getting a nap, being hungry, not being home, and having to stay close to us all the time he was a champ. Shit happens as Forest Gump has taught us and it doesn't just happen when we're ready. Even with a broken laptop, a broken car, no job, no house of our own, and cold gray rain of the Northwest we are happy and hopeful.