Thursday, September 21, 2006

Late Night trip to Wally World

Towards the end of my 1-9 PM shift I got a call from Kate. She was having dinner with her parents up in Cicero and was still not feeling well so she wanted to stay up at her parents house instead of driving the hour back home. Since her parents house is just as far away as home I drove up there after I got off. Finn had been crabby for the later part of the evening but was asleep when I got there and after watching the 11 PM Sports Center I called it a night as well. I heard Finn wake up and Kate get up to feed him but feel back asleep. It seemed minutes later when I heard Finn awake again. Kate said this was the third time he has awoken and could I get him this time. I turned a lamp on and Finn was grinning at me wide awake. I was so tired and wanted to sleep but he was such a happy baby I quickly dissolved into a cooing, babbling dork. I started to change Finn's diaper and saw there wasn't a clean one in the Crib diaper holder. I asked Kate where the diaper bag was and after climbing up stairs to get it I saw there wasn't a diaper in there either. This whole time Finn is giggling and kicking his arms as if this is the funniest thing he has seen in his four months of life. His current diaper is soaked so it has to come off and I grab a wash cloth and fashion it into a crude diaper held into place by his onesie and load Finn into the Car seat and head out to find 24 hour place at 3:45 AM. Finn is talking away in the back of the car until the heat kicks in and he falls asleep. There was nothing in Cicero so we headed South to Noblesville and the Wal-Mart Super Center. My personal decision to not shop at Wal-Mart was now put to a huge test. I have no idea where another place open at this hour will be so I say forget principles I'm tired. There is a certain class of wierdos shopping at Wally World at 4 in the morning and I got the chance to chat with one of them while waiting in the one checkout line. She told me about her husky son and how his metabolism is not the same as his older brother. She had about 6 outfits picked out for him and some shampoo. I wanted to ask her why these items were necessary at this hour but I just nodded and smiled. Finn was awake again and happy as could be. He flirted with the checkout lady, lifting his eyebrows as he smiled at her and I thought she might give the diapers to me for free. I took Finn into the bathroom and took off his wash cloth, that was wet already, and put a fresh diaper on him. He fell asleep again on the ride back to Kate's parents and I left him in his car seat sleeping as I climbed back into bed. It was almost 5 at his time and Finn would be up for good in another 3 hours. As I write this he is napping peacefully in his swing, the rhythm of the swinging creaking out his control over me. And tired as I am I love it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It is officially Fall

I had my first Starbucks pumpkin spice latte of the season and it was just as tasty as I remembered. Kate and I are in a "no spending mode" right now so there hasn't been many luxury items in the last couple of months for either of us. Yesterday in the mail I received my whopping $5 check from Pine Cone research for the monthly survey I fill out for them. (This last one was on beer, I tried to get them to send me samples on that but they wouldn't. Sure I get the samples on toothpaste but not the beer, what a rip off.) Anyway I took my big check to the bank and cashed it for Lincoln. Abe and I drove over to one of the six Starbucks close to my work and I traded him for a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte. The air had a chill in it and the wind seemed to whistle through the door as I left with my frothy beverage in hand. There was something right and true about that beverage and this day, and as I sipped my first taste I was transformed. Gone was the weariness of work and the coming cold. I think I smiled as I sipped the coffee. Smiled like a little nancy boy with new ballet shoes. I can't even wait for the peppermint mocha that comes in November.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Let's watch those hands Finn!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Pleasant Street Dinners

Our friends the Beelers had this idea to have folks in the neighborhood share a dinner once a week and have it rotate between each of the families involved. There are 7 families with 24 people total. The first dinner was last night at the Beelers house and it was fab-u-lous. We had corn chowder, cesar salad, and Carrot cake for desert. There were kids as far as the eye could see and tagging in and out of parents taking turns eating or talking and watching the kids. We sat out on the porch and watched the day fade as kids rode bikes and played kitty cats. I am nervous for the time when it's our turn to make the food but I'm looking forward to the next one quite a bit. The idea is that you don't have to stay if you don't want to, bring your tupper ware and grab some food to go where ever you need to be, but for one night of the week, for 6 out of 7 weeks you don't have to worry about dinner. Well done Beelers, agree with Ben G on this, "best idea ever!"

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shakespeare on the porch

Last night in the Near North side of Indianapolis there was a little culture on New Jersey street. With full wine glasses and plates of cheese and grapes we read through A Midsummer's Night Dream. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got the invitation but it was a lot of fun. From the Hillbilly Puck to the suicidal Hermia everyone added their own little touch to their characters. Bottom was played flawlessly by Kipp and even the small part of Fairy stood out with the signing of Elizabeth. I read the role of Lysander and in less then 3 hours we had finished the play. It was a lot of fun and such a beautiful night on the front porch.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Long time, No post

Sorry for the huge gap in posts for the two of you that still read this blog. For the last three weeks I have been working 1-9 PM and sometimes 11AM-9PM. It is our busy time of the year here and work has been brutal. The mornings are spent with Kate and Finn. Sometimes I will take Finn so Kate can take care of some errands. During the FIBA Championships my new neighbors J&T recorded the the games and Finn and I would go over there and have coffee and some basketball. Once I get home from work I am pretty fried from the emotional draining work day and not really in the mood to write anything. So here is a quick recap of the past couple of weeks:

Crazy busy at work starting August 21. During the Weekend of the 25 and 26th we had Fab 4 Less in Fountain Square. Kate and I had volunteered for that but there was an abundance of helpers so we just hung out at friends houses on the street. That Sunday we went to Kate's parents to spend the day on the lake with some friends from the hood. Great day of swimming and some great kabobs. On Labor Day weekend we went to Minnesota to visit Kate's Sister Meg and her husband Mike. We helped them unpack at their new home and also got to spend some time with some High school friends of Kate's ( including the illustrious A). Finn has been growing like crazy and is pretty cool. For those of you far away I don't want to make you feel worse but is as cute as they come. He laughs now, especially when you try to kiss his neck. If you put your finger in front of his mouth he will start talking so you can make the wah wah wah wah wah sound. Actually right now while your reading do this too. Take your finger and tap against your mouth as you say Ahhhhhhhh. Now picture my little cute man Finn doing this. It is hundred times cuter and funnier than that. He smiles at everyone, cashiers, construction workers, the hateful neighbor across the street, anyone. This weekend Finn and Kate are in Iowa visiting Grandma Weezie. They drove out with Tom leaving me at home to work.

Well that is all the news, I will get in here more often and get some new pictures up as well. Thanks you Kendra and Debbie for still reading this, if anyone else stumbles upon it thank you as well.