Sunday, October 16, 2005

True colors

Saturday evening I had a true litmus test for whom I identify myself most Indiana or California. Now if you are following along at home you know that I recently got my Indiana license and completely succumb to hoosierness. Well yesterday there was this little football game that gave me a clearer picture of where I stood on the issue. Notre Dame was playing USC in South Bend Indiana and this was the fourth game of theirs I had seen this year. I have loved the story of the pro genius coming back home to right the ship and have been pulling for the Irish all year. When I turned the game on late in the second half I was glad to see that they were up a touchdown over Running Back U and on there way to ending USC's 27 game winning streak and maybe their shot at an unprecedented 3 national title in row. Then the second half hit and as the score went back and forth. I found myself excited when USC finally got the lead with 5 minutes to go. I was nervous when Quinn lead the Irish down the field to retake the lead with 2 minutes to go. I was trying to cheer on the Trojans from Indianapolis even though I have never liked the Trojans. I wanted Southern California to beat Northern Indiana. I don't know if you saw the game or not but it might just be one of the greatest college football games ever played. Nobody deserved to lose yet someone had to. Usc showed why they were the National Champions and moved down the field to get to the one foot line with 7 seconds to go. A field goal ties the game and the coach is yelling for the team to get to the line to spike the ball as if they are going for the field goal. The quarter back hurries everyone to the line for the spike only he doesn't spike it. He tries to push his way into the endzone but gets stuffed. Not to be denied the quarterback twists and turns his 6-5 240 frame until he is laying face down in the end zone for the winning touchdown. USC pulls off a stunning comeback and I am yelling like the captain of the Varsity cheerleaders. Kate said I thought you wanted Notre Dame to win, I thought so too.


carlita said...

Apparently I am an Indianan at heart b/c this girl from So Cal could not have been anymore committed to the Irish winning that amazing game. Or perhaps I am an antagonist at heart and only cheered for the Irish b/c Jesse was whole-heartedly commited to the Trojans :) But that's neither here nor there.

jamie said...

I'm sick of the Trojans using the come back card. I wish they would just play the whole game well and not give Irish fans the hope they could dash the streak then wham they come back. I was annoyed needless to say.

JR said...

My mom does the same thing Carly. She roots for the opposite team we are going for. I think she so loves the neglected and over-looked that she some how sees the team not being rooted for as that and roots for them.

Either that or she just does it to watch the look on Mark's face whent hat team wins and he wants to strangle her.