Monday, November 14, 2005

The Holidays are coming, the holidays are coming!

We are mere weeks away from the start of holiday mayhem and the past couple of weekends at home have felt like the calm before the storm. Kate will soon be done with the finance world and she has grand plans for decorating, entertaining, gift giving, and spreading holiday cheer. A couple of the ladies in the neighborhood are already competing for Kate's time as a baby sitter as well. Though her job is finishing her work is far from done. Kate wants to hang branches from the ceiling with lights and ornaments in some fashion or another. This sounds lovely and all but mostly it sounds hard. The plaster on our ceiling seems to have a tenuous hold at best as it is, adding branches might not be the most structurally sound decsion. I'm not sure what else she has in mind but what ever it is will mean a good deal of work for me. Truth be told I could use a good deal of work. I have been lazy lately and have lost a bit of that girlish figure that first won Kate's heart.

Pre-New Year's Resolution: Lose the belly and the bottom, find the muscles if I've got'um

So far in our lengthy marriage( 1 year, 1 month, 4 days) Kate has not been one for baking but I feel like this is the year she finds her internal Betty Crocker. I'm picturing coming home to the fragrant aroma of spiced cider and sugar cookies as Dean Martin croons how cold it is outside. We will see how close this is to reality.

Thanksgiving is in Iowa again this year while Christmas is in Oregon. Kate and I will be heading to the North West to meet up with the Rohl clan on the beautiful banks of the Columbia. Christmas with my family comes with some great traditions: Mom's incredible cooking, Mark's post basketball pouting as he realizes he is still number three in the family, My dad drinking himself into a stupor asking neighbors if they have seen his damn reindeer, Naughty Christmas carol sung around the fire, the annual lighting of the Christmas tree because Mark takes "How bout we light that tree" literal. Ah traditions! Every family has them.

What are some of your family holiday traditions?


JR said...

By the way some of those traditions were un-true. My Mom has no idea how to cook.

Linsey said...

Christmas tradition at the Savage house? One word: borsch. Mmm... nothing like a good beet soup to spread holiday cheer!

Linsey said...

Christmas tradition at the Savage house? One word: borsch. Mmm... nothing like a good beet soup to spread holiday cheer!

The Popular Stranger said...

My moms still (STILL!) do this ridiculous thing of coming up with Christmas codenames for our presents. So we have no idea which present is ours until they announce what our codename is. For a sneak, this is no fun!

jamie said...

Breakfast at Doug's watching Chase and Ethan in their matching pajamas, bought by me of course, open their presents!

Carlita said...

Our Christmas tradition is making "snowballs" out of Vanilla icecream rolled in coconut, sticking a candle and some plastic holly on top, and singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. These days I usually end up feeling silly and annoyed for having to participate, but there's something to be said for that same "silly" tradition that you've be doing your whole life.