Saturday, December 03, 2005

Feels like its cold, that what it feels like

I am being introduced to a new weather term here that I was previously unfamiliar with in Sunny Southern California. The weather report has a current temp followed by a feels like temp. Yesterday morning it said 21* feels like 9*. Right now it is 30* feels like 20*. There are two things that I enjoy about this new math. First the current temp means nothing to me, only the feels like temp. What do I care what is really happening, I am only concerned with it feels like. How very relative it all is huh? The other thing that is funny to me is that after a certain point the numbers don't mean anything to me any more. Really once we get into the teens there isn't any difference between 19 and 3 for me, it is just really really cold outside and I want to go inside by a fire and have a hot chocolate with a little splash of Bailey's in it.


Linsey said...

Oh, this is too ironic not to share: here I am in "sunny Southern California" sipping hot cocoa (with marshmellows, no less), sprawled out in front of a beautiful fire, reading your blog... now if only I had some Bailey's!

Jamie said...

You are also lacking the cold weather Linsey. Right James?

Anonymous said...

see, now you know a little bit of what it's like in AZ, just the opposite. It doesn't much matter what 3 digit combo the weather man says it is once its past 110 its just dang hot. I don't know what they would even say for the "feels like" temp here. It's 118 but it "feels like" you are sucking in a gulp of fire when you take a breath. side note - it's actually quite cold now which is nice :)