Saturday, October 13, 2007

We really need to find some other kids

Lately Finn has been spending a lot of time in the house since the rains have come a bit early to the Northwest. All that inside time has been spent with my parents new Boxer Harper. Harper is a one year old female that my parents adopted after they lost their dog Scout. Two one year olds in the house makes for some fun and frustrating times as Harper and Finn start to take on the characteristics of the other. The most notable characteristic that Finn has taken on is carrying everything around in his mouth. This is the way the dog does it so for him it makes complete sense. He can still crawl around where ever he needs to go with his favorite toy safely tucked away in his teeth. I think we really need to find some other kids soon before Finn starts sniffing rear ends and humping peoples legs when they come over.


tonya beeler said...

um, Harper? Wasn't that a possible Rohl name at one time?

a boring sparrow said...