Thursday, November 01, 2007

Polling the hive

Where do you go to find out what is happening in a new city that you have moved to? What are the resources to take advantage of to get plugged in quicker? These are the two questions rolling around while I sit in class learning complex piece of software to support. In two days we will move into our new apartment in Beaverton and I have been trying to see what's what with our new neighborhood. I have located the library and will be heading there as soon as I get a piece of mail with our new address. I have also located the bank and closest bookstore and the bus route to the max. Most of the other stuff is going to come from getting out and about and meeting people who give you a few pieces of their tiles to add to your new mosaic but in the mean time where else should I look? What do you think is important to find out right away when you move to a new place?


Jessica Kramer said...

Why the nearest Value Village of course...:)

When I moved to Indy I just drove around aimlessly for fun and I found neat places that way. Not very environmentally friendly....but effective...

mikaela said...

Hi James-
This is Mikaela Ryan. This isn't related to your post, but I just wanted to say hi. Give Kate, Finn, Deb, and Bing my love :-)
PS This month I'm writing a novel. I'm posting it on my blog if you wanna check it out:

Linsey said...

Hope the move is going well!