Sunday, March 30, 2008

Henry Does Not Moose Around!

Henry has this outfit that says "I do not Moose Around" on the front and for some reason this kills me. I can't help but comment on it every time I pick him up. I have conversations with him about it where I of course voice all the parts. "Henry I heard some where that you like to moose around, is that true?" "No daddy I do not moose around!" or "Was that you moosing around in here?" "Daddy I don't know if you can read or not but it clearly states that I do not moose around, so it wasn't me." Beautiful rolls her eyes at me and calls me a dork and she is right. There is just something about that outfit that makes me smile. So who ever gave us that jumper thank you. You have brought joy to my life repeatedly as it has been cold out and it's a nice warm ensemble. I'm sorry I don't know who gave it to us, Beautiful keeps track of those things.

  • Update: Thank you Grandma Kris for getting that outfit, it has kept Henry warm, me entertained and Kate rolling her eyes.
  • Update 2: Beautiful was mistaken it was actually Aunt Meg that bought the Moose around outfit. makes sense that the Minnesota Native would pass along the Moose. Thanks Aunt Meg we love the outfit.


Anonymous said...

James, you are funny :) You have some catching up to do on Henry photos though! I want to see him all by himself! Kate and I know what it's like to not have lots of baby photos...and plus I want to see him more:) Maybe you just have't put a lot on your blog yet...Love ya, Em

JR said...

Flickr has been mostly Henry lately so you have to check out those pictures. I haven't put much up on this blog lately.