Saturday, May 03, 2008

There is value in the medium

Thursday I was looking back at some posts that I wrote here on the blog and remembering those times. It was kinda fun to go back and read through what I was thinking and writing about the events of that time. I could still feel the stress of not having a job when we got pregnant the first time, and then the pain of the loss. I read about looking for a house and starting the work on the floors and I could feel that humid house in the heart of summer with no AC in the house. That was the best workout plan I have ever been on I think. I must have lost 40 pounds scrapping those floors. Too bad it didn't stay lost. I guess the very act of writing a blog says that I value the medium but going back and reading through old post made me realize I really do value this opportunity to write. It makes me want to document more, to try to better get to the heart of things so that some day i can back through this with Finn and Henry. Mark and I got to do that with my dad's letters from Vietnam and my mom's poems in high school. We got a glance into that time in my parents life and we loved it. If your reading this years later Finn and Henry then know that I was thinking of you when I wrote it, I'm kinda always thinking of you two when I do anything lately. I love you boys.