Thursday, June 19, 2008

A couple of great things

  • Oddly entertaining video of a baby laughing slowed down.
  • Who had the day after the last game in the "When will the Lamar Odom Trade rumors start again" poll?
  • A good article on how the internet is not necessarily making us smarter.


Kyle said...

I understand the desire to have a shooter at the 3. But I still believe Lamar's abilities are so unique it would be a bad move to trade him just to get a spot up shooter. At least give him a chance at the 3 with Pau and Bynum, let's see how it works first. Bring in a shooter off the bench.

JR said...

Totally agree, I think picking up Posey and have Vlad off the bench is a great move. I also think Luke is done in LA