Monday, September 08, 2008

Dear Raiders,

The time has come for us to part ways. It's not you it's me. Wait that isn't true it's you not me. When we first started this relationship you were in L.A. with my beloved Lakers and Dodgers and then you moved, albeit back to where you came from, but away from me. You left L.A. for Oakland and I should have called it quits then. But then you signed Nip and I couldn't turn my back. But now after countless 1 0r 2 year coaches who have never had a chance to put their stamp on the team, and getting rid of the one coach that was any good, it is just too much. I'm breaking up with the Raiders for good. I have found another team. You had know this was going to happen when I moved to Indy. I got to go see them a couple of times, you were there for a couple of those games too. The civic pride, the fan friendly owner (that is if you ignore Baltimore Fans), the lack of violence in the stands and around the stadium. I've moved on Raiders, I'm with the Colts now. It's offical. I know you may think this is Sports Bigamy, once you pick a team as a kid that's your team for life but the rules clearly state is the team leaves or the owner is terrible you can leave. I'm well with in my fan right here and I hope you don't try to fight this. I will remember the good times; the Bo Jackson Monday night game, as well as the bad; the travesty in New England with M*$%^#F@#%$#$&% tuck rule. Let's keep our memories and say good bye.


Sparky said...

You are a stronger man than I, I have been beaten for so long I feel like it's my fault they are so bad. The way I look at it, the Cardinals are i the NFC. I can have a NFC team right? This is how I want it to go down. The raiders go to college ball and USC or Oregon gets moved up. Thoughts?

jamie said...

I agree with you James. If the owner is bad you can switch teams. I moved from the Cowboys, to the Colts a long time ago. I believe Doug will be with Mark and remain with the Raiders, at least for now. It's that childhood dream that you team is the best even though their best is past.

And yes, Mark the Raiders are definately playing at a college level....sad but true.

Dee Dee said...

I don't know... I've been a Patriot fan since Russ Francis was tight end - yes, I am that old! If you stick with 'em long enough, they just might come back around.