Sunday, December 14, 2008

Waimanalo Christmas Parade

We went to the Waimanalo Christmas Parade and it was the best thing Finn had ever seen. Just wave after wave of Semi truck, dump trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, tricked out golf carts, low riders, police cars, funny cars, race cars, and people throwing candy. He was shocked that such a thing existed where all his favorite cars and trucks went by and they threw candy to him. Once one of the funny cars revved the engine and Finn jumped and grabbed my leg and asked me if they would do that again please. I think it scared him and then immediately delighted him. While we were out for breakfast earlier that day we saw a number of semi trucks getting ready and we knew that where ever they were going we had to be there. Finn talked about the parade the rest of the day, if you ask him about it I bet he could give you the run down of what he saw.