Thursday, August 13, 2009

after a hiatus

We are still in Indiana, we'll three of us are anyway but our road trip home is coming up soon. Kate flew back to Portland for a wedding and to teach her new SAT class while the boys and I tie up lose ends here and get some good time in with Grammie and Tom Tom before we head home. We cleaned up our house and fixed some glaring issues before listing it up on Craigslist. We got a lot of response on the ad and after showing it to 5 different groups we decided on a great couple. That is a huge weight of our shoulders what with little money coming in and being on the hook for rent and a mortgage. While here I have also had a chance to catch up with some great friends and the boys have had a good time with Kris and Tom. They will definitely miss us and the boys but I think they are looking forward to a quieter house. So now two months into not having a job for me and a 3 hour a week job for Beautiful we are still doing OK. Our bank account seems to be loaves and fishes miracle with some really great family members helping out where they can. We are in high spirits and having a fun time as a family. We still have no idea what the future holds but we are OK with that. Today was fun, I learned how to sand marble and install a cement counter top. I wrestled with the boys and dropped Beautiful at the airport, tomorrow? who knows....