Friday, July 07, 2006

All things grow, all things grow

Each evening I participate in an exercise of making the city bigger. The larger the buildings become the closer I am to home and to Finn and to Kate, my Kate. When I walk out the door of my office the thoughts of work and the day are left on that doorstep and I immediately start thinking about how many stops, turns, cars, miles it is until I get home. I thought the anticipation to see Finn would be the biggest tug but it is not, it is still Kate. I think that is probably selfish more then anything, she chose me, Finn didn’t. Finn doesn’t even recognize who I am. He knows my voice for sure but not me. By the time he has a choice in the matter he will already have grown accustomed to me. But Kate knew me and still made the choice. As I get to the exit and I can no longer see the tops of the buildings without straining, my heart and foot are heavy with anticipation. I get to see my beautiful soon, to grab her and kiss her and hold her and hear her voice confirm for me that I am home.


Mom said...

That's beautiful son, hold on to that. Someday your beautiful son will leave and find his Beautiful and you will still have yours. This is still the way I feel about your dad.


bing said...

As Emil Emerson once said, The Love you have for your wife cannot be mistaken for the same love you have for your boat.