Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The in between times

Over the past couple of weeks we have had some good snow fall to make the scene lovely but the getting around a pain. I have become an expert in getting stuck and unstuck in snow banks and come to appreciate a lot of the neighbors that I thought had hid away for the winter. People materialize out of nowhere when you get stuck, all the while talking about the blizzard of 78 when things were really tough. Finn loves being outside in the cold so we get him in his snow suit and sit him out on the porch while we get ready. As soon as he sees the snow suit he starts grinning and kicking his legs like crazy, I think that is baby for "Jackpot!" The snow makes it more difficult to get out and walk and the worry of getting stuck in our un-plowed alley makes driving a chore so we sit at home mostly. Playing, sleeping, eating, and playing some more fill most days as I plan the things I want to do when it warms up a bit. This seems to be an in-between time, a time of forced rest and solitude before a more hectic time. It is odd that the more crazy and busy Kate's work schedule is, and right now it is really busy, the slower my days are. I read a 400 page book in two days between Finny naps. I'm really enjoying this time.