Thursday, February 01, 2007

I've lost a Finn

A couple weeks ago in a Christmas recap post I mentioned that Kate and I started a diet. I was feeling pretty crappy at the time but once I added coffee back into the mix it leveled out. Well as of yesterday morning I weighed 228 pounds. That is pretty big for a six foot guy and still well over the recommended weight but it marks a 21 pound loss from the start of the diet. I was just a hair shy of 250 when we started and even that seemed better then the weight I had in my mind. Since Finn has arrived I have really been trying to change my eating habits. I am trying everything again with a fresh pallete. I want Finn to be an adventurous eater and to model that I have learned to even enjoy broccoli! Kate and I are eating a lot fresher food and I have stumbled through preparing better and better meals. I don't feel like I am any skinnier and I still have a belly there in front of me but I know that I am doing well. 21 pounds is not an insignificant amount, it is about what Finn weighs. When ever I pick him up know I think about that and he seems heavy.


Sparky said...

bro that is awesome, keep up the good work. i know i feel better and i have only lost 10! love ya

Anonymous said...

Dear everybody,
James does look like he has lost a Finn right off the top of his belt!! Honest, I wouldn't lie to ya! Katie looks really good too! Not as good as the beautiful Finn of course! Kris

Mikey said...

21 pounds is a big deal, James...keep it up!