Thursday, March 22, 2007

Finny the Orange

I'm gonna be honest with you, I have no idea what I'm doing on a daily basis raising Finn. What he should eat, when should he sleep, is he sick...... I think the key to parenting is just faking it until you get into a rythem. Really, I think it is that simple. I read a lot and watch people that I respect (Tina, Carrie, John) but then I just come home and pretend like I know what I'm doing and everything seems to work out. Yesterday I was feeding Finn some Lasagna Dinner baby food and he kept reach for the jar and the spoon when I would get it close to him. I started getting a little frustrated that he was thwarting my efforts to nourish him. I finally said fine you do it yourself and he did. He fed himself just fine without my help and had a blast doing it. He made an absolute mess but messes clean and Finn and I laughed ourselves silly on the back porch while he ate. I don't know if he relizes I'm faking it but even if he does I think we'll be OK. I'm a good faker and he's a good sport.


jamie said...

Does the Community College in your area have any type of Parenting Class? We have one here call Infants and Toddlers. People bring their children to class and do projects, get advice, talk about what is happening in their child's life right then. It is facilitated by an instructor but the curriculum is driven by the students. Maybe they have something like that in your area.

Meg Schroeder said...

Oh my word!! Did you ever get that shirt clean?!? And have you ever seen a kid with such a magnificent grin on his face?!? Nice work James, I'm sure when Mikey and I start thinking about kids, you'll be one of my "experts"!