Friday, April 06, 2007

Allergies, Sunshine, and snow

In the Midwest the weather is a big deal. Much bigger then it was when we were in Santa Barbara. Apart from the June Gloom there wasn't any real mystery with SoCal weather. It's gonna be nice, real nice! Here in the Cross Roads of America is a different story though and nothing shows the difference like the last two weeks. Two Sundays ago we had Sunday dinner at our house and ate in the back yard under a warm setting sun. It was a wonderful spring evening with great friends and even a traveling musician playing some Southern Blues and Gospel tunes with the kids helping on the chorus. The warm weather continued for another week and then it went from 75 degrees in the afternoon to snow flurries the next morning. There was a 50 degree drop in temp in less then 24 hours! In between the Sun and snow was a Thunder storm, or more aptly a lightning storm since the Thunder doesn't really bother me as much as the thought of getting hit with one of those bolts, that turned the sky green and dropped copious amounts of rain and hail. We had Tornado warnings, Thunder Storm Warnings, and Flash flood warnings for a triple crown of Midwest danger. During all this craziness my allergies have been flaring up like mad. It is really bizarre to have itchy, watery eyes when it freezing outside. I have been in a medicated haze that is particularly unique to allergy medicine.


Jessica Kramer said...

Chlor-Trimeton 12 Hour! It is the solution! Way better than Claritin anything. It's hard to find but they have it at CVS. It has solved all my lifelong midwest allergy issues.

If your allergies are milder though I would start with the regular Claritin because it's cheap (when you get the store version).

Claritin-D especially is bad news. It has the pseudophedrine in it and is just speed in disguise. It made my heart race like crazy.

Just wanted to give my two cents since I know how awful the allergies can be....

(They are making pork on a PBS cooking show right now and it makes me wish I was back at your house eating it! Yum.)