Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mayger Generations

Today we went to Mayger beach to play in the water a little bit on what is supposed to be the last nice day for a bit. There is rain in the forecast for the next week so after Finn woke up from his nap we headed out. Mayger beach is a spot on the Columbia between Clatskanie and Rainer and has been hot spot for Rohl R&R for the last 50+ years. My dad grew up swimming there, my brother and I lived there for a couple of summers in my grandparents make shift shack attached to there travel trailer. There used to be a dock there that was a thriving bar/restaurant with the neighborhood post office when my dad was a kid, hollowed out and a storage place for gill nets when I was a kid, and is now gone. You can see some remains behind Finn and I in the picture. With or without the docks though the real fun is in playing in the mud, digging up clams, and watching ships heading up the river to Portland and Finn enjoyed all three of those events today.


The Jackson 5 said...

Brother James! Glad to find you here and it seems that things are going well. Mark told me of the truck driver move you guys made, I personally have begun to dislike driving from my epic journeys from Phx to Fresno and back, just way too many times in the past 2.5 years. But you three did some serious power driving. The desert is treating us well and has made us oh so thankful for that man created air called AC but the beauty of winter is coming. Zonda is doing well, Lyric is growing too fast and Za'Nea is in an all out sprint to keep up with her. Simeon is his own man with a stubborn mind that will make him a great man one day. God is awesome and has returned to our lives in a BIG way. I am excited that your family is growing and I will pray that the next little Rohl will come smoothly. Tell Kate and Finn that a distant adopted family says hello. I will pray for your success in getting that job, I look forward to hearing from you....I really do.