Monday, September 17, 2007

She was delayed but she is coming

After a two and a half hour delay in Houston Kate and Finn are on their way here. As you can see they are above Colorado right now as I am writing this, but probably not as your reading. I am very very excited to have them back and couldn't sleep last night in anticipation. I headed to Portland a bit early this evening so I am sitting in a great coffee house on SE Stark and 79th in North East Portland. There are 10 other people on computers so the connection is not that great but the vibe can't be beat. Tomorrow Kate and I are going up to Seattle to see the king of all small businesses and that's kinda cool too. Just not as cool as my beautiful and my baby coming.


a boring sparrow said...

horray that you are together at last. We went to a neighborhood mtg last night and were sad to realize that you'll not be there any more. keep up with Marshall if you like at I'm at

Jessica Kramer said...

The people are restless. I know you're busy and all living life but we need a Rohl update! :)