Thursday, December 06, 2007

Storm Update

My Aunt Jamie works at Centrailia College in Central Washington and commutes from Oregon a couple times a week. Centrailia and neighboring Chehalis were two of the hardest hit towns by the most recent storms. Here are some pictures and a story about what my has had to deal with going back to work:
I'm in Centralia now. Silly me! I thought that Jackson Highway would be open and I could just sail in to work the "back way." Well, I forgot that Kresky floods as well and I would have to travel another 30 miles out of my way with all the other people. Then I had to witness first hand all the people cleaning out their flooded houses which really upsets me. I never should have come in. I was protecting my vacation hours when I could have just called in sick. "Hello this is Jamie, I'm home sick today, sick of this water devastation." Is that excusable? Anyway I'm here and it is much more ugly than depicted on the news. Isn't it always.


jamie said...

If you can believe it, it gets worse. I talked with my friend Becca who lives in the country and as she was coming down her hill she saw dead cows 12 feet up in trees. One lady who raises sheep and goats for milk and wool lost ALL her animals. Another person I know who raised their house after the last flood had their home flooded. It reach the last flood stage and topped it by about 4 feet. The Chehalis River was 10 feet above flood stage.