Monday, February 18, 2008

Doing Well

Nearly two weeks of being a family of four and so far so good. Henry slept for 6 hours straight last night giving Kate and I some much needed consecutive sleep. He’s a giver like that. We both woke up on our own to check on him though, it seems we can’t just enjoy the sleep; we have to check that he is still alive. Finn is doing pretty well so far sharing his parents. He is very popular with family so he is still getting his fair share of attention and having his Ta Ta and Aunt Meg here was a great for him. We have also purchased a webcam to have some Skype sessions with Grandma, Ta Ta, and Uncle Mark and Aunt Nena. Finn rubs his nose against the monitor to give butter fly kisses or ugga muggas with Uncle Mark and he asks to hold Grandma when ever we chat with her. Not sure if he gets the technology but he knows that his fans are just a few clicks away.

Kate is recovering well and looking beautiful as usual. She has connected really quickly with Henry and the two of them have been out and about a bunch. We went to my uncle Beaver’s surprise 50th birthday party and got to see a bunch of my uncles. As I have written about before it is tough to track them down but we got to see Beaver, Maverick, Pablo, Steve, and Papa. It was pretty great introducing Finn to my Papa while he held on for dear life to his own Papa. It was a classic Rohl party with a good deal of drinking and good food and Kate took it all in stride. It is a bit different world for her but you would never know it to see her interact.

I am back to work full-time today and the day seems really long. Just one week of Half days and I feel like that is the norm. Work and I have a tenuous relationship at best but this job is really great and if I have to work then this is a good place for it. My one friend at work just turned in his notice to move to California. I guess I will have to get back on the friend dating circuit to find a replacement, plenty of fish in the sea but this office doesn’t seem to be connected with that sea.

More pictures coming soon, batteries keep running out to quick so I can’t get them loaded. Thank you to everyone that sent wishes and congratulations. We got messages through the blog, gmail, facebook, myspace, text messages, phone calls, greeting cards, and flowers delivered to the door. Not sure why there wasn’t a carrier pigeon in there somewhere but there might be more kids soon