Monday, February 04, 2008

Rest, work, rest.... rinse and repeat

This weekend was both restful and full. We got a new couch and painted the boy’s room and slept in. With Finn at Papa and grandma’s house we could work in spurts and lay around for long periods of time but we miss him a lot. Saturday we were going to go pick him up after he spent some time with my parents but snow on the passes, and Kate’s possible contractions made that impossible. So we rested and worked and enjoyed a bit of calm before the storm of two kids, family, work, and a forecast that calls for rain as far as the calendar will go. Two more days now until we report to the hospital to convince Kate’s body to let that big boy out. We have a bag packed in case of an early release that we both hope for but doesn’t seem likely. We both like the idea of rushing to the hospital as we forget our wallets at home. It’s romantic kind of.


Lins said...

I am so excited for ya'll! :)