Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missing the lady bug man

I am back in Portland for some training at work. I flew in early Monday morning and will be here until next Sunday leaving Kate to face the boys alone. If you haven't read how that is going please click here and read away, she is a much better writer and her story is much more interesting then mine right now. It is nice to sleep through the whole night, talk with adults, and need a blanket at night because it has cooled down but I would rather be there with her and then boys. Right when I got into training I put this picture up on my screen. I can't look at it and not smile, his look is perfect. That picture, skype, and a number of phone calls throughout the day help me pass the time until I get back on the island with them while also trying to enjoy my time here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Katie, my sweet daughter, I wish I was there!!!!! Meg is coming soon! Hold on!!! mom

Anonymous said...

Dear James,
What a beautiful picture of a sweet little boy!!!!! kris