Monday, November 30, 2009

5 down 48 to go

I made myself a snack of broccoli and some hummus to enjoy after making the boys lunches and then cleaning up after the destruction. They always want whatever your eating but I thought this time they would leave me be, having just been fed and my eating broccoli. I was wrong. They swarmed me. i gave them each a "tree" and thought they would taste it and lose interest but they kept coming back for more. This goes to show what we all know, that kids will eat what you eat. If you eat healthy, they will too. It is simple and a tad cliche but it really hit my this afternoon. I have been trying to eat better and get bit more healthy all over. Motivation has come from pictures, beautiful, and culture in this city that values active healthy lifestyles, but this afternoon watching the boys chow down on stem after stem of broccoli gave me another big one. The funny thing is that growing up I didn't like broccoli and would hide it in the compartments of our expandable table. We would find it every two years when we would move again. I didn't want the boys to not try something because daddy didn't like it so I dropped any perceived dislike of foods and started fresh. I would eat anything at least three times and I found that much of the foods I didn't like were quite good. Most of the vegetables that I wouldn't eat I do now, but I prefer them raw or just steamed a bit. The more they are cooked the worse they are. So here I am having a broccoli snack, that I gave another chance for the sake of the boys, watching them enjoy it on their own. I guess you look for motivation where ever you can find it and when it comes to trying to be healthier any motivation is positive.


jamie said...

I loved the pictures of the boys and the trees. Good job being a role model, you rock!!

Ian is getting so darn cute!!