Sunday, November 01, 2009

falling back

It is the November already and in Portland today it is lovely. The sun is out though it is cool out and most of our neighbors are raking leaves into the road for the leaf pickup later this week. It has been over four months since I lost my job and we are still no where near a job for Beautiful. The late summer business has passed and she has worked very little the last couple of weeks. She has been having a rough time of it lately feeling the weight of our situation with out any real way to do anything about it. We are still making it for at least one or two more months and have tentatively committed to six more months after our lease ends in December. We have had a number of conversations about what is important to us as a family. Is living in Portland more important then me being home with the kids? things like that. Right now we still want to be here in Portland but if Beautiful doesn't have a job by the end of the six month lease then we will look elsewhere for work. As a family it is more important to us that I be the one home with the boys and Beautiful be the one working then it is for us to live in a specific place. So we wait and see. We pray and we hope.