Sunday, December 06, 2009

a not so fun weekend

Hey wouldn't it be fun to take the boys up to Seattle for the weekend? No, no it wasn't fun. It wasn't fun at all. We got a cheap room on priceline and headed up early Saturday afternoon from my parents house and the nap we hoped the boys would take never materialized. We sat in some holiday traffic and were starting to fray when we made it to the hotel. It was nice and centrally located but small with two double beds. We walked around, got some dinner and rode the monorail from the mall to Seattle Center where the boys had some fun in the rides. Well the blond one did anyway. The redhead was less then thrilled with the jeeps. We rode the monorail back and walked to Pike Market and watched some fish being thrown after trying to do a little looking around downtown. The boys having not had their naps were not patient with any non movement. Beautiful needed to stop in a store on the way home to pick up a couple of things and the boys disagreed with that decision. Back at the hotel room they were not going to bed and there was no where for Beautiful and I to get away to let them work it out. We loaded them into the car and set about driving around a bit. As any parent knows this is the secret weapon that all parents have, the night time drive. They were soon asleep and we had quiet for the first time all day. We just kept driving out to Ballard, back downtown, up capitol hill, down Broadway, and along the waterfront. The boys were both up a ton through the night and we left after breakfast feeling anxious to get home. It was a poorly planned trip, and with two toddlers planning is important. Beautiful and I are spur of the moment people but that is harder and harder with the boys. Well we learned something for sure.