Saturday, December 12, 2009

searches and states

This blog has been around for a bit now and it has seen readers come and go. For the past 30 days the most unique visits on any given day was 24. There were times last year when that number would get over 30 but it has stayed the same for years. The whole thing started from some emails I sent during the last week of work for my job in Santa Barbara before getting married. Every now and then I have look at the stat from Google Analytics and some interesting things stand out:

Search Terms that led people to my blog
  • James Rohl Blog - Pretty straight forward there
  • Bongee's Restaurant - this one is always there every month and the post I did about this restraunt is probably the most visited post on this blog. For a time my post on the restaurant came up in google searches before the web page for the restaurant.
  • Diningroom Improvements - not sure why I would come up on that but it had to be way down the line
  • Mayger Beach and Skeeter - This is awesome. My uncle Skeeter lives at Mayger beach and I think I have written about it a couple times. I wonder who it was that was looking for him.
  • What does a mango taste like - this one comes up a bunch in different forms and it leads people to a video of the Blond one rejecting mangoes. I don't think it helps anyone but I bet they get a little smile.
States visitors come from
  • Oregon
  • Minnesota
  • California
  • Iowa
  • New Jersey
Indiana is way down the list and this seems odd to me. When we lived there it was always number one but I guess since we have left we have been forgotten.


Anonymous said...

What about Ohio? I check you all the time!! Em

jamie said...

And Washington, since I check from work.

Linsey said...

You are unforgettable and you know i!