Tuesday, January 19, 2010

beard hunter

One morning last week Beautiful and I were wanting to sleep longer but the boys had a dissenting view. They jumped in our bed and crawled over us as we tried in vain to find some peace and slumber. Soon Henry had the blankets off the bed and was blowing rasberries on all or our bellies. When he got to me he pulled up my shirt and started to place his slobbery, snot ridden face to my belly and then stopped short and examined my belly button. He then looked up at us confused and said "Daddy has belly button beard?" I was awake now after the belly laugh, and Henry started looking for a belly button beard on everyone else. "Finny have belly button beard? noooooooo!" "Mommy have belly button? noooooo!" So next time you see Henry don't be surprised if he lifts up your shirt to check your belly button for a beard.


Anonymous said...

i need to come and sleep in your bed again!! I miss little boys in our bed every morning! Tom-Tom says him too! he has a great belly button beard! Thank you for this blog on a regular basis. I am so grateful! kris