Thursday, January 07, 2010

talking about the singer

Our good friends our in town from Montana and we took them to see Music time at Posie's Cafe in the Kenton neighborhood. The place was packed and it seems this hidden gem we had been enjoying is not so hidden anymore. As I have said before Finn loves music time and today after it was all done he went up to Mr. Ben to tell him thank you for the great show and he asked if he could talk into the singer. Mr. Ben wasn't sure what he was talking about and looked to Beautiful for some help but she didn't know either. "Can I talk in the singer?" he asked again this time pointing at the microphone stand. "Oh, the singer! No the microphone got put away but next time come up right when we are done and you can talk into the microphone then." Finn smiled and said "Oh I see, Microphone not singer. Thank you for the good show Mr. Ben! See you next time." If you live in the portland area and have kids them keep Mr. Ben in mind for your birthday parties or board meetings. If you need a reference Finn will be happy to get his guitar out and play you some of his favorite Mr. Ben songs


Jamie said...

How long are they in town?

JR said...

They left this afternoon

Anonymous said...

my personal favorite is "Old Mick Jagger had a band" it is a great song, and will probably erase Old McDonald from my memory forever! kris