Monday, January 15, 2007

Long Nights with a sick baby

Last night I was up with Finn for most of the night. The little monkey has a bad cough and last night he could not sleep for more then 30 minutes at a time. After searching online for what to do with the cough that he had I ran the shower and Finn and I played in the bathroom for 30 minutes while the steam filled the room. Here is the thing, I had a baby that was coughing so much he could barely breath yet he was still happy. He wouls start laughing at me as I tried to move in the close confines of our bathroom. It was a difficult night but such a great time. When he wasn't coughing he was laying his head on my shoulder and scrunching his hands in my beard. I loved him so much last night.


Meg Schroeder said...

Hope he's feeling better, poor little guy. You and Kate get it too? Just posted some wicked cute pics of that little monkey on ours, go check 'em out. Much Minnesota love comin' your way!