Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tax time joys

I sat down in front of the computer with a fist full of W-2's and 1099's and set about doing our taxes. I had heard that the first year doing taxes with a kid is usually pretty nice so there was some excitement in the air. As I as going through entering in the information I came to a road block, no social security number for Finn. The tax man says no sosh, no tax credit.

So today I set aside for getting Finny a SSN. First I forgot his birth certificate as I was taking Kate to work. I thought I was going to go straight over from dropping her off but I had to run home first. Car running, baby sleeping a ran inside with visions of Car Jackings running through my head. Finny and the car were both still there 15 seconds later when I came outside and breathed easier. It was 15* outside with a gale blowing putting my favorite weather index (windchill) at below 0. Sweet sassy molassy that is cold and as we walked form our parking spot to the government building Finn was doing his "My chest hurts and I can't breave" imitation over and over again. We waited for 30 minutes and got up to the counter only to find out that we need his shot records. Man I love these government agencies, no word of that in the phone call I made. Off we went to Finny's pediatrician to get his shot records but she wasn't there and the nurses sent me back and forth from one end of the building to the other a couple of times before 45 minutes later they handed me paper I needed. Back to the Social Security office with an even longer wait we finally got to the window with all the necessary documents to find out that Finn has a SSN already. The hospital filed the paper work for it but that information was never sent to us. I got the number, went back home and finished the taxes, getting one thing accomplished from my list of over twenty. On the bright side we are getting money back.


jamie said...

Hopefully Finn won't have any income since you didn't receive his card in the mail.