Thursday, January 04, 2007

A period on the Holidays

We are now into the new year and it has already been a significant time for Kate and I. We are three days into what will start as a diet and continue on as a way of life. We are following the South Beach Diet and so far it is going well. My first day with out sugar or caffeine was awful so the caffeine is back. One step at a time here, one step at a time. It is nice to be on the other side of the holiday season despite the wonderful time with family and friends. The holidays are exhausting and they wreak havoc on any type of routine for little monkeys. Finn's schedule was based on some form of Chaos theory that only Linsey could keep up with. Already though we are back to the slower, more reliable pace of things and Finn is getting the message.

This year we had Christmas with Kate's family and all of the sisters were in town. Mandy and Scott came in from Hawaii and Meg and Mike came down from the twin cities. Christmas was on the Friday after to accommodate the travelers and it was a classic McGrail Christmas. We had presents galore and took turns throwing our wrapping paper at Heather in an attempt to get it into that fire place. I don't want to brag or anything but I'm kinda of a big deal when it comes to throwing paper into the fire. Heather, if I hit you it wasn't cause I missed! Just kidding, I would never intentionally throw at anyone for any reason, no matter how wide they have their legs. Finn slept through the presents and Mandy was so efficient at cleaning up that we didn't get the chance to see the miracle that is babies and wrapping paper. After presents was french toast fondue and then copious amounts of pinochle. We got outside to play some basketball and had a great turkey dinner. After dinner the boys cleaned up and we played some more pinochle while the girls played some far more interesting and cerebral game whose title eludes me.

Jesse and Carly made a spur of the moment decision to come and spend time with us here in Indy and I have to say it could be one of the best decision of their young married lives. It was so great to hang out and play Wii together. While we were having Christmas up north Jesse and Carly spent a day in the city. I can't think of many other friends that I could abandon for a day while they were visiting and they would not only not have a problem with it, but have a great time.

New Years eve was spent watching Football at Kate's parents and then dinner at PF Changs with Jesse and Carly. We met up with Meg, Mike, Heather, and Andy (just friends for those of you wondering) at The Cheese Cake Factory. We had a toast at midnight and had a wonderful time enjoying the cake and conversation.

Everyone is back home now and the quiet is good. There is a restorative nature to quiet that I am really enjoying right now. Finn is cranky pants at the moment though so I will go, I hope your holidays were filled with Friends, Family, and warm memories like ours were.


jamie said...

Thank you, you made my day.

Linsey said...

I made the Rohl Family Blog! I'm famous!!!
*dances with chaotic glee*