Friday, April 06, 2007


I know so many of you reading this have been wondering what to get me for my birthday next month. Normally I would say "Oh I don't want anything for my birthday, blah blah blah." and really mean it but his year is different. I'm gonna be honest with you because I feel like we are close like that. Kate and I are a young married couple with a baby, one income, and all of the cliche issues that those things entail. Money is tight and that means we focus on the essentials and not much else. It is a some times difficult time but also crazy romantic and fun. I really do love this time for all the worry it causes me. Anyway I was thinking about my birthday in light of all that and how asking for anything would be greedy. But that isn't true. Expecting something is greedy, letting people know what you would like, if they choose to get something for you, is just good manners. This seemed a lot better in my head but is suffering greatly in the typing. Anyway here are some things that I like if your asking:

T-Shirts from Threadless - Who doesn't like cool t-shirts, and this is a cool place for t-shirts.

Golf Lessons - I love playing Golf but I am not good, not good at all. The ball goes where it goes seemingly detached from my efforts.

Books - I love books and have been reading like crazy since coming home to raise Finny. If you love a book and want to pass it on then I would like to read it.

Gin and tonic - For Christmas Kate bought me a bottle of Hendrick's Gin and it was great. The bottle was funky and Gin had a Cucumber hint to it. Really any Distilled Spirit is nice here especially the different ones. There is a Vodka made from Grapes called Ciroq which is technically an Eau de vie and not a vodka but I would like to try it anyway.

Power tools - This summer we are going to start working on the house in earnest again and I am woefully lacking in the proper tools. I really am an embarrassment to my brother and dad. Right now I have a corded drill that I am not even sure is mine.


Mom said...

You left out the new i-pod

JR said...

and the iPhone as well, I really need to redo this list! If anyone has a couple of grand that they set aside for my birthday this year then a new macbook should be strongly considered as well.

Linsey said...

Props on your choice of beverage!