Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rainy Day

Finny is just up from a nap and noisily slurping down a bottle on the pillow next to me. It is raining and cold outside and we are laying in bed, him in his pajamas and me in my pink polo and jeans. We don't have anything to do today and the bone chilling rain beyond the front and back doors does not invite adventure. Finn will dictate the days events as he is doing now with his chatter between slugs of formula. I will change his diaper and his clothes, we will read a book or two with Finn making up a much more interesting story then the one I am reading off the pages. I won't understand his version but he will make me laugh and then look back at me and smile. We will play peek-a-boo on the floor as Finn tries to taste the delicacies found stuck in the carpet. There will be another nap and more food and all sorts of other adventures that Finn will not let me write about. He has discarded the bottle and is now climbing over me to type his own message out: it reads "Down with e the computer daddy, it's time to play!"