Sunday, January 06, 2008

Different but still exciting

I've had some things I have wanted to write, thoughts to flesh out and give legs to, but I haven't. It always sounds better in my mind right when i think of it, or so I seem to think when trying to recall the idea later. It's like I could be a brilliant writer if only I got my shit together and wrote when it occurred to me. That's probably not true but it's nice to think that way.

So in a little more then a month we are having another boy. I'm not sure if I have said that yet. We are having a boy for sure. He's all turtle in his last close up and from the looks of Kate's belly he is big and active. I have been awakened to baby elbows in my back more then once. The little dude seems to be leading a jazzercise class in Kate's belly. He is much more active then Finn was at this pre-age. Also Kate is much more attached to this new baby then she was to pre-natal Finn. She loves him a lot now and is super attached, but when he was in her belly she didn't know how great he was going to be. It's funny cause I think I am the opposite. I was really attached to Finn when he was in Kate's belly. I would sing and talk and generally irritate Kate with my attention to her cohabiter. Now I'm just waiting for him to come out and worried that we won't have a name picked out for him y the time he comes.