Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Holidays are over, long live the holidays

We took our tree down and put it outside, I guess that means the holidays are officially over. It was a really great season of getting to see and spend time with family and talk with friends and there is still a couple of visits to come before and after the new baby but now it feels a bit quiet. All this month I am working overtime to take advantage of some incentives at work during our busy season. It has been tough getting in at 6 and leaving at 5 but it is only for a month and I work at a desk, my dad does this in the rain and cold putting buildings together. The overtime incentives will in just before the launch date of baby 2.0 so it will be nice to get a little extra cash and get used to being tired most the time. I don't have any New Year's resolutions this year but i'm fat and I want to change that, and we are going to track and balance our spending this year to reduce debt and be more intentional about where our money goes. I loaded some software to help with this and i am following the lead of some great financial bloggers. I won't be loading my Financial Statements up here online but if you want to see them you can. I like the idea transparency and I think that anyone who would ask would be genuinely interested.