Tuesday, August 12, 2008

High flier challenge for a new generation

No Obama sightings today but most the the police were out early so he must be out and about the island today. Instead we have video of me being silly with Jake and Finn.


Heather said...

So cute. These guys are born acrobats.

Laura said...

Awesome!! So glad these guys are learning important skills.

mandy said...

Once again, James, you prove yourself the ultimate in children's entertainment. Thank you for all the laughs!

Sarah Jane said...

They are so adorable!

John said...

Yeah. Cute.

Ok, so basically you get Obama out of his house like this. When you see the police hovering around and you know he's home, lead Finn out into the water as far as you can. Then go back onto the beach, in front of Obama's house, and scream, "My boy! My boy!"

The Great Obama will emerge from his house, rescue Finn, and you two can have a BBQ together.

Worked for Lois Lane.

And by BBQ, I mean "BBQ."

mom said...

Thank you, thank you for a much needed laugh!! You guys are great, keep up the good work!! We hope you get to see Obama, but please don't risk one of my grand boys to accomplish it!! Thanks again. love Grammy and Tom Tom