Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who can Henry Pick on?

Abuse seems to trickle down hill and unfortunately for Henry he is at the bottom of the hill. Finn is faster the Jake and tackles him, smacks him with wooden spoons, and generally tortures the kid. Jake then crawls over to Henry and climbs in his seat, takes his plug, and lovingly smacks his head over and over. Jake gets excited anytime Finn comes over and Henry gets just as excited any time Jake comes over but eventually it is going to end with crying. You can see the little hands on the chair in the left corner after they have taken his plug and deposited on his shoulder. I love Henry's expression here, a sot of resigned frustration.


jamie said...

Finn and Jake better watch out. Ask Debbie what happens when the younger sibling suddenly outgrows the older sibling. The younger sibling has a long memory and the older sibling pays dearly!!