Wednesday, October 28, 2009

so maybe not father of the year

The other night we went to dinner at a friends house with just one of the boys. Finn was picked up by Papa and got some one on one time with my parents while we had Henry for the weekend. So off we went to dinner with Henry and he was great. Friendly and funny he was comfortable quickly. The only issue was he had clearly dropped a deuce early on in the night. I went to the car to find another diaper and we didn't have one so I brought him in the bathroom to see if we could just do a surface cleaning and keep the same diaper. He had been pretty solid lately so there was a chance but it was not to be. He had blown up the joint and that diaper had to go. So I took that diaper off and got him cleaned up and him and I went back out to join group. About 3 minutes later Henry had a wet spot on his pants that was growing by the second. Beautiful said she would take him home and get a new diaper and wondered how his diaper had filled so much that it was now leaking out. Funny story honey, he's not wearing a diaper. I didn't tell her that as she left but I told our dinner guests as soon as she was gone. Beautiful was gone for a bit and when she came back she was none to pleased with me. He didn't have a diaper on! What were you thinking? Why didn't you just bring him home before like I did? All valid points and hind sight is 20/20. Let's not squabble about who's to blame, let's just enjoy our night out. And yeah I am the stay-at-home parent.


ben L said...

Hahaha! I couldn't have handled the situation better myself. You're one heckuvaguy.