Monday, January 26, 2009

It's cold here, but not that cold

It has been brisk in the pre-dawn walk to the train. Thanks to a great Christmas gift of warm gloves from Scott and Mandy last year and good scarf I have been pretty warm. I got a travel buddy who works at the same place and gets on the stop just North or me. He showed me how we could get on the bus right away a couple stops earlier and not have to spend anytime waiting int he cold. He also pointed out that our company offers discounted Monthly passes that will be a significant savings from my current Craigslist search. After getting a talking to for being late a bunch the first two weeks I have found the rythem and am now 20 minutes early for work taking the good train and bus.

Finn got to spend some time at Grandma Debbie's house today giving Henry some time to not get knocked around and play with whatever he wants. It was a win win I think. Kate and I made her own dress form that turned out super cool. I'll post pictures later. This weekend was nice time of making dress forms, fixing sewing machines, cooking dinner, and folding clothes. Not to be cocky or anything but i'm kind of a catch!


Jessica Kramer said...

That last part made me laugh out loud.

jamie said...

Thanks for the transportation update. Glad it's working out for you.