Sunday, January 04, 2009

The tree really tied the block together man!

On the my first trip into the neighborhood in the giant moving truck I got too close the overhanging branches from our neighbors tree and ripped a large branch right off. Tom the owner of said tree came out to ask what happened and I apologized profusely. This is not how I wanted to introduce myself to the block but you know what they say about second chances and first impressions. I told Tom I would clear the limb up and he was forgiving. A couple days later while returning from Home Depot for some household gear Tom met Finn and I outside to let me know that the tree may be terminal. That is the opinion of the neighbor across the street who seems to be the local Amateur Arborist. Carly's friend Jessica says the tree is fine and she studied such things in college. Tom is going to have the official City Arborist make a house call and give us the diagnosis. If the tree is terminal then I will have to have it removed and replaced, a significant cost i'm sure. Let's hope that our little tree is OK, if our tree can survive with a gash like this out of it the tree above should be fine right, right?