Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Seasons

Coming out of New Seasons Market with my lentil soup into the quickly piling snow I am starting to feel at home. It is cold and wet out and I can see my breath as I make my way around the store to the back where I parked. There are people waiting as the train pulls up and looking through the window of the cafe inside the grocery store the hipsters are out in force. I'm not sure that Portland is who I am but I think it is who I want to be and that makes it homey in a way that I can't easily put into words. My Eco-Indie-Liberal-Hipster-bicycle cred is lacking and I am more likely to stay in then hike to base camp at Mt. Hood but there is something about the city that resonates with me in a way that Hawaii never did. I loved getting the chance to live in Hawaii at a great house on the beach with a swimming pool and convertible sports car to take in the sights. All of those things were great but they didn't resonate. I may never have a Suburu or drink Pabst Blue Ribbon at the Douglas Fir but I hope to take the train more, buy local, grow what I can, and enjoy good coffee, who knows I might even get out and hike a little.