Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rotating beds

Finn got a new bed yesterday, well new to him anyway. He is in a toddler bed now with easy access to getting in and out by himself. He was pretty fired up about it last night, excited to go to bed. "Come see my big boy bed mommy!" With Finn moving to the big boy bed Henry moved up from the small wooden crib to the big rickety one that Finn just left. Henry was starting to get to the point where, standing in the smaller one, he could almost pivot out. Now he is a little guy in a sea of crib. Henry didn't take to his new bed like Finn did. He was screaming and crying each time we left the room. Finn would yell at him that it was OK, but Henry didn't seem to think so. With a warmed up bottle of milk Henry finally saw the light, or stopped seeing lights all together and drifted off to sleep. They both slept through the night after a rough go the night before where both of them were up and crying in our bed at different times. Nap time today will be a real test for Finn to see if he stays in bed or gets down and starts playing but he is pretty good at going to sleep. They are growing up fast, too fast sometimes.


Pasifik said...

It sounds Finn like it very much his new toddler bed...

Have a wonderful day.

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