Thursday, May 21, 2009

daddy I'm tired of mommy

I was watching the Laker game illegally on my computer because we don't have cable, the game is on cable, and it's the Western Conference Finals for crying out loud. Finn was in and out trying to get me to play trucks with him like he didn't know the rules. What are the rules Finn? "No trucks with daddy when the Lakers are on." Good boy, now get out of here before Bynum misses another opportunity and comes soft on the weak side help and daddy has to use some swears to keep from throwing something. For the most part I was left to watch the game on my own, chatting here and there with Mark and Kyle but they were a bit behind and mostly ignoring me. At Halftime Finn came down again unable to find Mommy. I sent him back upstairs to look again but he was soon back again. I asked him if he wanted me to help him look and he did. As we were walking upstairs he told me he was mad at mommy. "I am mad at mommy" Why are you mad at mommy little man? "I am mad at her because I can't find her. I'm tired of mommy daddy" Your tired of her? "Yeah I am tired of mommy, where is she anyway" We went up to the second floor and there she was watching Idol. Finn wasn't mad at her any more but I think he was a little tired of her still.