Friday, May 15, 2009

five for fighting or flagrant two

It is the high pierced scream and cry that brings the whole thing to my attention. Finn has taken something from Henry, or hit him, or did some other thing that has made Henry cry out in mock agony. My immediate reaction is to ask Finn what he did. To tell him to give that car back, apologize, or in some other way make amends. I react to what I see or think I see but that isn't very reliable. I have watched and played enough organized basketball to know that it is often the second foul or action that gets the refs notice. Player one pushes, player two pushes back and the ref gives the foul to player two. Henry is like a young Dennis Rodman getting under Finn's skin and getting him in trouble. For the most part any crying from Henry is because Finn has reacted to something that Henry has done to him. I ask Finn what happened but he only tell me what he did, he'll learn. Really when Henry starts crying I should immediately give him the foul but I have taken to calling the offsetting fouls with no free throws and separating the two. But sometimes that isn't enough. Sometimes Hockey is a better sport to go with. Sometimes one or both needs to hit the penalty box, five for fighting. Like they do in hockey I have taken to letting them fight for a bit before I get in and put them in the penalty box. Once one of them hits the ground the fight is over but before then anything goes. You would think that Finn being bigger would be an advantage and it is, but Henry gets himself an handful of hair and gets his moneys worth. Basketball and Hockey, that is where I get most of my parenting ideas. What's that you say, it's the playoffs for both basketball and hockey, you don't say.