Sunday, May 31, 2009

happy birthday finn

I was startled awake this morning by the sound of the toilet seat banging against the tank. It was just before 7 and Finn was awake and using the bathroom while we slept. There was a flush followed by the faucet in the bathroom sink and then a shuffle into our room. "I'm awake daddy!" He knew what day it was and Kate was quick with a happy birthday while I tried to clear the sleep from my eyes. He got up onto our bed and said he needed to get under the covers. We snuggled and he told me happy birthday. We told him about when he was born and asked what he wanted for breakfast. Blueberry pancakes and bacon. We got his presents from Grammie, Tom Tom, Heather, and Mandy and gathered Henry up with a cup of Honey nut cherioes and got busy opening presents. He threw away the clothes to find more cars and showed each thing that he got. When we got up to make pancakes Finn started to tell Henry about the day Henry was born. It didn't make any sense but it was damn cute. That is Finn is a nutshell, he often doesn't make any sense but he is damn cute while he's doing. The night before Kate and I looked through 3 years of pictures in random order and marveled at our little man. It seems we have had him for 5 years already and yet he is still growing up too fast. He is three years old today and while I think he is smart, creative, and athletic the thing you notice most about Finn is that he has a good time every day. He has a lot of fun and he is a lot of fun. I hope that will always be true. Happy birthday little man, you have made mommy and daddy's life more fun then we ever though possible.


jamie said...

What?? No Party?? Happy Birthday Finn my man!!

Jake Alger said...

I wish my birthdays still meant so as much to me as they once did. I miss being a kid.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINN!! I can't believe I missed your actual bday, what a loser Aunt I am. Love you like crazy and can't wait to see in just a few short weeks!