Saturday, May 30, 2009

henry, daddy, and the light

We went on a man walk today. Just the dudes doing manly things like playing in fountains and eating Mexican food. Jesse and I filled our strollers with supplies and strapped in our boys for a little trip downtown. We took the train two stops down and then walked over the Broadway bridge to Jamison Square park where they have a fountain that Finn had played in before. Finn was tentative at first but joined the throng of kids splashing around. Henry had been completely worn out by the arduous trip over the bridge in the stroller and napped for the first part of the water time. After some head on collisions with other kids and a good soak we hopped the street car to 23rd Ave and got some food at Santa Fe. Henry ate his body weight in Carnitas and Finn snapped 30-40 pictures on the camera, mostly of cars. The picture above is one of Finn's creations at a new shop that Jesse wanted stop at. Apparently he didn't get the memo about this being a dude walk. People were already marking out their spots for the Rose Parade tonight as we took the street car back to the train and then headed back home. It was a good walk for us and the boys ended up both sleeping for three and half hours so they got nice and worn out too. Finn went for his first movie in the theatre with mommy and Henry and I watched the Eastern Conference close out game. He wanted Lebron to pull it off but I told him he had to be patient. I was right and Henry cried, he takes these games too personally.